Ventless Gas Logs


George the Chimney Guy is an official installer of Ventless Gas Logs made by Fireside America.

Ventless Gas Logs by Fireside America

Click the image to view the full line of Vented Gas Logs by Fireside America

Ventless gas logs (often referred to as “Vent Free” gas logs) have specially designed burners that burn the gas cleanly and produce almost no exhaust…somewhat like the way a gas range in a kitchen works. Since there is little or no exhaust, they can be burned with the damper closed.

The beauty of this type of system is that 99.9% of the heat produced by the gas logs goes into the room, so they produce substantially more heat than their vented counter-parts.

Positive Features of Ventless Gas Logs:

  1. Much better heat output than vented gas logs
  2. Less pollution
  3. Slightly less gas consumption

Check out some the full line of Ventless Gas Logs from Fireside America http://www.firesideamerica.com/prod_subcat.php?cat=ventfreelogs

Great service.  Had him come to our house today for a basic chimney cleaning. He was very professional, friendly, and took the time to answer all of our questions. We never write reviews but felt the need to since this is the first chimney company we felt comfortable with. We highly recommend his services.


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Recently called George for a quote to inspect my chimney on a new house I just bought before I fired it up this winter. George confirmed it was in good shape and didn’t try to say it needed work that was unnecessary like other chimney companies I’ve heard about. He was honest and showed up on time. I would highly recommend him.

Jason N.

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