Sleeve Relining System by CeCure


relining-photoIn chimneys with more serious defects or unlined chimneys, HeatShield® can be used with the CeCure® Sleeve Relining System. The CeCure® Sleeve is a thin profile, ceramic insulation, reinforced with stainless steel fabric that is sandwiched between two coats of HeatShield® Cerfractory® Flue Sealant.

To reline your chimney with the HeatShield® CeCure® Sleeve Relining System (patent pending), an applicator plug is placed at the bottom of the flue and attached to a winch at the top of the chimney.

First, a coating of HeatShield® Cerfractory® Flue Sealant (with an added drying accelerator) is applied to the flue walls as the applicator plug is pulled upwards by the winch.

Second, a custom fitted, “CeCure® Sleeve” is lowered into the chimney and mechanically attached to the top of the chimney. The CeCure® Sleeve is a high density, low profile, ceramic insulation sleeve which has been reinforced with a special stainless steel fabric.

The applicator plug is then pulled downward through the CeCure® Sleeve to press it firmly into the first coating of HeatShield® Cerfractory® Flue Sealant with the added drying accelerator.

With the applicator plug at the bottom of the CeCure® Sleeve, the sleeve is temporarily clamped into place.

Lastly, another coating of HeatShield® Cerfractory® Flue Sealant is applied over the CeCure® Sleeve. Your HeatShield® Installer will then use a video camera to verify that the CeCure® Sleeve has been completely coated, ensuring the integrity of your newly relined chimney.

If you would like to learn more about CeCure, the manufacturer of The HeatShield® System, please visit their website at www.cecurechimney.com.

Great service.  Had him come to our house today for a basic chimney cleaning. He was very professional, friendly, and took the time to answer all of our questions. We never write reviews but felt the need to since this is the first chimney company we felt comfortable with. We highly recommend his services.


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