Fireplace Dampers


Is your fireplace damper functioning properly? 


1.) Do you notice smoke billowing into your home when the fireplace is in use?

2.) Does your home smell like smoke during and after using the fireplace?

3.) Do you feel cold air coming from the fireplace when not in use?

Chances are your damper is no longer in proper working order.


Cap & Damper Combo

Having a fireplace damper that seals properly is as important as having a fireplace damper that opens entirely.  From my experience the majority of damper related issues require nothing more than getting the plate back on track.  However, when a fireplace damper requires repair or replacement, the most effective approach is a top mounted or top sealing damper.  Through my experience and knowledge of the business a cap/damper combo is the number one choice for functionality and safety.  Please avoid a top mounted or top sealing fireplace damper that does not serve as a cap, as they are a major problem waiting to occur.  If left open they not only allow rain to enter the flue, but they allow animals to nest in the fireplace and most likely come into your home. 

If you want the job done right, call the professionals at George the Chimney Guy today for a free estimate.

Great service.  Had him come to our house today for a basic chimney cleaning. He was very professional, friendly, and took the time to answer all of our questions. We never write reviews but felt the need to since this is the first chimney company we felt comfortable with. We highly recommend his services.


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Recently called George for a quote to inspect my chimney on a new house I just bought before I fired it up this winter. George confirmed it was in good shape and didn’t try to say it needed work that was unnecessary like other chimney companies I’ve heard about. He was honest and showed up on time. I would highly recommend him.

Jason N.

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