Flue Liners

The flue liner serves as the most important instrument in providing a safe environment for your fireplace and heating flue to function effectively.  Not only is the flue liner a passageway for the combustibles to exit the home safely but it also provides a safe barrier to protect the chimney walls from heat and corrosion. 

anatomy of a flue

Proper looking flue


Damaged Flue Liner

Common causes of damaged flue liners

The most common causes of a damaged flue liner are due to improper construction or deterioration caused by the acidic nature of fossil fuels such as oil, gas and weather.  In addition, settling cracks can also cause damage to the lining.  Annual inspection and cleaning of the flue liner is very important in making sure your home is safe from hazardous and deadly combustibles such as carbon monoxide.  Cracks within the flue liner can cause excess air to and gases to escape within the walls of your chimney and put you and your family at risk for a serious fire.

Cracked Flue Liner

Cracked Flue Liner

How do you know your flue liner is damaged?

Most of the time there are no tell tale signs warning a homeowner that their flue liner is damaged or unsafe.  Having your chimney inspected by an honest and reputable chimney sweep is your number one defense against unsafe and unhealthy chimney conditions.  

How do you repair a damaged flue liner?

A stainless steel liner is the most effective and affordable approach to repairing a damaged flue liner.  To properly install a liner, your chimney sweep needs to take accurate measurements to ensure proper sizing of the liner.  Having the wrong size liner, or a liner installed improperly can potentially be hazardous and life threatening.  All stainless steel liners must be UL listed to ensure they can safely and effectively meet the harsh demands of the fireplace or appliances they are serving, in addition, all stainless steel liners that vent solid fuel burning appliances (i.e. wood stoves and fireplaces) must be insulated.

liner instal

Stainless steel flue installation

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