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It’s nice to find a trust worthy local business man for services around your home. George took good care of me and didn’t try and sell me something I didn’t need. Wish there were more like you!  Thanks!


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George is the man. Not a typical, chimney rip-off artist – he’s a real talk professional who’s down to earth and won’t try and rip you off. We were told during home inspection we needed a new chimney liner – George came by and told us it was fine, and fixed what we REALLY needed done (new damper, chimney cap, cleaning) and saved us hundreds. He knows his stuff, and tries to save YOU money. Plan on recommending him to a lot of people.


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I had 2 other chimney companies come to my house before “George The Chimney Guy”. The first company I hired to clean my chimney and to get an estimate for some repairs. I was skeptical on whether they did a good job cleaning my chimney because they cleaned it in about 10 minutes. The other thing that made me skeptical was the fact that they gave me an estimate for $9400 for 2 liners and cement work. I called the other company and when they came the guy was either drunk or on drugs and a he confirmed the other companies findings and said he can do it all for $7000 if we paid in cash. We actually got George through a referral from a friend of friend and when he came he showed us what was really wrong and what needed to be done to fix the problems. The liner to our furnace was missing at the bottom where the furnace goes into the chimney and he showed my husband the giant missing piece. He explained that he didn’t feel it was life threatening like the other guy’s said but that there is the chance carbon monoxide can get into the house from there and that the code recommends it be fixed for safety. He also went on to tell us and show us that the 1st company didn’t even clean the chimney even thought they charged us for it. He also said that our fireplace chimney is in great shape and doesn’t need a new liner but just a good cleaning. He did a new stainless steel liner, cleaned our fireplace along with the cement work on the outside for under $2000. My husband and I are very happy with the service his company provided and highly recommend him. Hope this review helps others.

Kate W.

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I highly recommend George the Chimney Guy. He recently inspected my chimney and advised me that I needed a cleaning and a minor repair. I was so shocked because my last 3 estimates were for much more work and were very expensive. For a great experience please call George. I will never use other companies I have in the past.


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Recently called George for a quote to inspect my chimney on a new house I just bought before I fired it up this winter. George confirmed it was in good shape and didn’t try to say it needed work that was unnecessary like other chimney companies I’ve heard about. He was honest and showed up on time. I would highly recommend him.

Jason N.

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George the Chimney Guy made me look like a Hero this week! My home seller needed a chimney service call and was told by the 2 companies she called that no-one could come for 2 days. Then she called me and I referred George. She called George, and knowing it was urgent, he was there within an hour! Of course that made me look like the Hero to my client! George took care of her problem and she was thrilled. With him and with me!


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Just like those previously reviewing, I’ve got nothing but great things to say about George.

Found him through Thumbtack and realized very quickly he’s an honey, professional, and responsible guy. He’s not a crook and won’t rip you off at all. He was honest with us, letting us know we didn’t need a new liner as our initial home inspection had said last June. An easy opportunity for him to make money he passed up, due to us not really needing to do it.

Since then, he’s given my wife and I invaluable info about fireplaces, wood, and operation. He just did another annual chimney cleaning for us today.

George is a great guy and loves to talk about what he does. He’ll answer every question you have, and is a perfectionist (which I am a huge fan of).

I’ve recommended him to a few people already, and will continue to do so. Can’t speak enough good about him!

Andrew G.

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George came to my house on time. He fixed my chimney for $50. I had 2 prior estimates for $1,800 and $5,000, respectively. It was a simple fix he was honest about whereas others wanted to create work for themselves.


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Great service. Had him come to our house today for a basic chimney cleaning. He was very professional, friendly, and took the time to answer all of our questions. We never write reviews but felt the need to since this is the first chimney company we felt comfortable with. We highly recommend his services.


(Located on Yellow Pages)

Listen, there are plenty of people you could hire to do your chimney inspection and most will probably tell you that you need more work that you really do, because they know that YOU don’t know squat about chimneys. Then, when they do the extra work that they up-sold you on, they’ll use chintzy materials and do a half-assed job.

Not George.

What separates George from the pack is his honesty. He won’t take you for a ride and try and sell you a job that you don’t really need. This guy treats his customers fairly and will give you his 100% honest opinion of what your priorities should be as far as any potential additional services. Plus he’s punctual, friendly and personable and his prices a very reasonable.

I highly recommended George The Chimney Guy to any home owner in need of a Level 2 Chimney Inspection and any other chimney servicing.

Bennett S.

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Our neighbor was using George to install a chimney pipe. I just happen to ask him if he could take a look at ours as well. He was more than helpful. He came over and did an inspection of our fireplace since we just bought the house. He even did some minor fixes to our chimney cap as a customer service gesture. He is completely honest and tells it like it is. He is not out to take advantage of anyone. I will definitely be recommending him to anyone who needs a chimney service.

Mike M.

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